Saturday, December 27, 2014

Truth of western media's OPEC vs Shell hype

I wonder if western media's recent hype about crude oil price falls (OPEC vs Shell gas) have any truth in it. Why am I saying this?

Well for starters, no one else made the connection other than them, that the recent fall in crude prices and OPEC's decision not to cut production is to send shell gas producers out of business. What I think is its just hypothetical. If hypothesis is the news then I hypothesise  that the OPEC's decision is influenced by USA.

Rational? What about US to bring Russia on its knees? The only fallout of the recent fall in crude prices has been Russia! US succeeded in getting Russia on back foot without anyone asking questions. The whole world has bought OPEC vs Shell, no one even thought about it as old Cold War tactics of US. Remember what happened in 89? US oil  producers were just collateral damage!

Just like that time this time too the real war is US vs Russia.